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Abdominal BraceAbdominal BraceTop Quality, contouring elastic construction.  Continuous pile for comfortable abdominal support. Hook and loop closure.  Size: Universal fits 26" - 54" waists.
BodycizerBodycizerExercizer was specifically designed as an inexpensive and totally portable exercise system.  Comes with instruction chart.
Clavicle BraceClavicle BraceComfortable figure 8 designed brace.  Helps to straighten shoulders and upper back.  Can be worn underneath clothing.  
Elastic 12" Hinged Knee BraceElastic 12" Hinged Knee BraceSupport to stabilize the injured knee.  It has medial and lateral zinc plated heavy duty hinges to help prevent side slippage of the knee joint.
Elastic Ankle BraceElastic Ankle BraceHelps to stabilize and support the ankle with slight to moderate ankle sprains.  This is a slip on type of ankle support
Elastic Knee BraceElastic Knee BraceFor moderate compression of the knee joint.  Needed for minor knee injuries or arthritis.
Ice BraceIce Brace
Ice Magic Kit ™Ice Magic Kit ™Ice Therapy to reduce pain.  This kit includes; 1 ice cap, 1 ice belt, 1 bag of ice cubies, 1 Ice Magic book, and ice therapy instruction sheet.  Everything needed to use ice therapy.
Industrial Work BraceIndustrial Work BraceTop Quality, heavy duty, industrial strength construction.  Has adjustable suspenders.  Waist sizes: small 24" - 30" / medium 30" - 36" / large 36" - 42" / x-large 42" - 50" / xx large 50" - 56"
Lumbo-Sacral BraceLumbo-Sacral BraceTop Quality brace, provides relief and comfort to those who suffer lower back pain.  Comes with side pulls with hook and loop closures.  Improves mobile stability.
Neck DecompressorNeck DecompressorGives very comfortable neck traction (decompression) to relieve many varieties of neck pain.  It provides excellent spinal decompression therapy.  Also said to be the safest neck decompression available. Very powerful and durable.  Our second most popular item (after the popular Back-Huggar lumbar support pillow).
Neck Decompressor DeluxeNeck Decompressor DeluxeSame clinic quality as the Neck-Decompressor that comes with a pressure gauge, so that user can apply the same amount of pressure on each application thus providing a controlled amount of cervical spinal decompression therapy every time.
Neoprene 11" Calf/Shin BraceNeoprene 11" Calf/Shin BraceProvides excellent compression for lower leg strained or injured muscles.  Also give support for shin splints to reduce pain when walking.
Neoprene Ankle BraceNeoprene Ankle BraceSlip on type of ankle support to stabilize ankle from moderate to severe ankle sprains.
Neoprene Elbow BraceNeoprene Elbow BraceFull coverage brace for tennis elbow.  Has hook and loop cinch for more comfortable compression
Neoprene Hinged Knee BraceNeoprene Hinged Knee BraceProvides same external support as knee brace.  Hinged stabilizers enhance maximum stability of joint function.
Neoprene Knee BraceNeoprene Knee BraceGives surface muscle support as well as joint stability.  Provides substantial relief when walking.
Neoprene Lumbar BraceNeoprene Lumbar BraceA heavy duty low back support brace.  Top Quality nylon covered neoprene.  Nine inches high.  Sizes - Regular fits 22" - 36" waists.  Xtra Large fits 36" - 44" waists.
Neoprene Osgood Schlatter Knee BraceNeoprene Osgood Schlatter Knee Brace
Neoprene Tennis Elbow WrapNeoprene Tennis Elbow WrapFor subtle relief of "Tennis Elbow Tenderness".  The hook and loop cinching strap can vary the support to the amount of most relief and comfort
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Bodyline invented Back-Huggar® in 1968. It has become so popular that there are many imitations appearing on the market. Insist on the original.