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Back-Huggar® Lumbar Support CushionBack-Huggar® Lumbar Support CushionOur world class premium low back cushion support.  For your car or TV easy chair at home.  The longer your auto trip the better it feels.
Back-Huggar (extra wide)Back-Huggar (extra wide)For wider lower backs.  Perfect for bench auto seats, office chairs and home easy chairs.
Back-Huggar (secretary with strap)Back-Huggar (secretary with strap)Straps on secretary and computer type chairs
Faultless Ice CapFaultless Ice CapThis is a very durable rubber ice cap.  Can be re-used hundreds of times and is one of the best ways to use ice therapy.  Doctors instruction sheet for patients included with ice cap.
Ice Magic Kit ™Ice Magic Kit ™Ice Therapy to reduce pain.  This kit includes; 1 ice cap, 1 ice belt, 1 bag of ice cubies, 1 Ice Magic book, and ice therapy instruction sheet.  Everything needed to use ice therapy.
Ice CubiesIce CubiesOne package of ice cubies can be inserted into an ice cap and frozen over and over inside the ice cap.  More crushed ice can be added to make cap last longer.  Add 6 ounces of water.  Empty any water inside and refreeze for next use.
Ice Easy ™Ice Easy ™An 8" x 10" set of flat ice pouches for joint applications.  A set of Ice Easy consists of 2 Ice Mats of re-usable ice inserted into 2 pouches with 4 hook and loop belts.
"Ice Magic™" Booklet"Ice Magic™" BookletThe booklet is 24 pages of easy Ice Therapy information.  It's a guide about how to conquer pain by using long term Ice Therapy.  Deliberately made brief so anyone can read it and apply  Ice Therapy in 10 minutes.
Maxi-SmootheeMaxi-SmootheeA double lobe smooth surface sleeping pillow.  Comes with a zippered white cover.  Ready to slip into regular pillow case for sleeping comfort.
Travel PillowTravel PillowBodyline's luxurious valour fiberfilled travel pillow.  Travel pillow contours to the shape of your neck.  Use in auto or flying trips or even your TV easy chair for relaxing therapeutic comfort.
Maxi-RestMaxi-RestA double lobe convoluted (egg crate) surface sleeping pillow.  Comes with zippered white cover, ready to slip into regular pillow case for sleeping comfort.  Our most popular selling cervical support pillow.
Maxi-Rest, Jr.Maxi-Rest, Jr.Same double lobe convoluted (egg crate) surface sleeping pillow for smaller members of your family.  Great for your auto too!  Comes with zippered white cover.
BodycizerBodycizerExercizer was specifically designed as an inexpensive and totally portable exercise system.  Comes with instruction chart.
Lumbar/Cervical RollLumbar/Cervical RollUsed when back-lying to support low back and/or neck.  Helps to restore the natural neck and low back spinal curves.
Neoprene Wrist WrapNeoprene Wrist WrapA wrap around wrist brace, with hook and loop closures.  Easily applied and removed by user.
Neck-HuggarNeck-HuggarFuturistic design to provide full neck support for sleeping.  Smooth surface - Two versions  - Fiberfilled or Molded Polyfoam (molded in one piece to exact shape).
Neoprene Knee BraceNeoprene Knee BraceGives surface muscle support as well as joint stability.  Provides substantial relief when walking.
Neoprene 11" Calf/Shin BraceNeoprene 11" Calf/Shin BraceProvides excellent compression for lower leg strained or injured muscles.  Also give support for shin splints to reduce pain when walking.
Neoprene Wrist BraceNeoprene Wrist BraceHeavy duty wrist brace that is easily adjusted to provide therapeutic support to either left or right wrist.  Excellent for carpal tunnel syndrone before or after surgery.
Neoprene Elbow BraceNeoprene Elbow BraceFull coverage brace for tennis elbow.  Has hook and loop cinch for more comfortable compression
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Bodyline invented Back-Huggar® in 1968. It has become so popular that there are many imitations appearing on the market. Insist on the original.