Cervical Collar

Cervical Collar
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The comfortable, professionally designed Bodyline Cervical Collar is the best answer for reducing neck pain caused by whiplash, wry neck or general stiffness. Scientifically contoured to the chin, jaw and cervical spine, the Cervical Collar snugly yet comfortably encircles the neck providing gentle, soothing support and relief. Universally sized to fit most any neck size, the Bodyline Cervical Collar comes in a soft, cotton stockinette, which prevents chafing, absorbs perspiration and remains cool and soft with extended wear. As an added bonus, Bodyline has also added a free washable sleeve for ultra sanitary wear.
  • Provides gentle support to the neck, relieving strain and stiffness
  • Comfortable edge for comfortable fit to jaw and chin
  • Top quality, lightweight, washable, material covered in a cool, soft cotton stockinette
  • Adjustable hook/loop closure for consistent fit

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