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Back-Huggar® Lumbar Support CushionBack-Huggar® Lumbar Support CushionOur world class premium low back cushion support.  For your car or TV easy chair at home.  The longer your auto trip the better it feels.
Economy Neck StretcherEconomy Neck StretcherNot quite as durable as the Neck-Decompressor, however can place effective traction to achieve spinal decompression therapy to relieve symptoms of neck pain and many other conditions.
LB Decompression BenchLB Decompression BenchLow Back Decompression (traction) bench allows the patient to apply spinal disc traction.  User rachets up to the desired stretch to their comfort.  Then relaxes all the while their spine is being decompressed.  Easy height adjustment.

Maxi-RestMaxi-RestA double lobe convoluted (egg crate) surface sleeping pillow.  Comes with zippered white cover, ready to slip into regular pillow case for sleeping comfort.  Our most popular selling cervical support pillow.
Neck DecompressorNeck DecompressorGives very comfortable neck traction (decompression) to relieve many varieties of neck pain.  It provides excellent spinal decompression therapy.  Also said to be the safest neck decompression available. Very powerful and durable.  Our second most popular item (after the popular Back-Huggar lumbar support pillow).
Neck Decompressor DeluxeNeck Decompressor DeluxeSame clinic quality as the Neck-Decompressor that comes with a pressure gauge, so that user can apply the same amount of pressure on each application thus providing a controlled amount of cervical spinal decompression therapy every time.
Table Head Rest PaperTable Head Rest PaperThis comes in a continuous roll of 225'.  Top qaulity paper at an economical price.  Designed for Chiropractic tables.
Table Head Rest SquaresTable Head Rest SquaresIndividual squares of paper with slit in middle of square for patient comfort.

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Bodyline invented Back-Huggar® in 1968. It has become so popular that there are many imitations appearing on the market. Insist on the original.