Ice Magic Kit ™

Ice Magic Kit ™
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"Ice Magic™" is the most exciting drugless pain relieving discovery in the last three decades, and just recently coming into popularity because it is so effective. Ice Magic reduces pain miraculously without the use of drugs or surgery. It is a scientific breakthrough, using cold therapy to control and greatly reduce pain!

What is "Ice Magic"?

It is a convenient, low-cost first aid instruction plan for reducing pain and injury using cold applications (cryotherapy) in a doctor's office, hospital or at home. "Ice Magic" works by using ice pack applications for long periods of time to dramatically reduce pain of inflammation and injury. It is so safe to use by following the "Ice Magic" instructions you'll wonder why everyone doesn't know about it. Is it effective? Absolutely. The home treatment is without a doubt the best answer to man's age-old quest for fast, dependable pain and backache relief. Not only can it eradicate pain, but it can also prevent the return of pain in many circumstances. Most important of all, if used at the proper time, it can prevent future disabilities. Simple daily "Ice Magic" applications of two hours or more, safely, dependably, and steadily reduces pain of long or short durations. Some patients get immediate relief from pain in one application. When applied immediately after injury, not only does this remarkable First Aid treatment reduce pain, but it also prevents severe back pain from becoming disabling. And the best news is that you can not overuse (use too much) "Ice Magic", because it is so safe (when used per instructions). This incredible new "Ice Magic" treatment is wiping out acute and chronic pain at a higher rate of success than any other method... and has allowed even severely bent-over victims to walk away straight within weeks, days or even a few hours. "Ice Magic" was discovered by John W. Fiore, D.C. while doing tissue cooling experiments on his patients in 1964. He wrote a 24-page booklet ("How to Reduce Pain with Ice Magic") about it. It was made short so anyone could read it and apply in 10 minutes. This booklet became the foundation for Bodyline's "Ice Magic" Kit. The "Ice Magic" Kit is a complete kit to enable patients to apply cold therapy in the easiest and most convenient way. "Ice Magic" Kit is a re-usable cryotherapy system that alleviates the problems of crushing ice, filling ice cap with ice (which is the most inconvenient task when using cold therapy) while providing effective direct cold to the affected body part. A new manufacturing technique has created individual plastic cubes filled with water and sealed. Unlike gel-packs (which may cause frostbite), "Ice Seals" are frostbite-proof to provide the longest and safest ice therapy treatment available. The Faultless "Ice Cap" (aka "Ice Bag") and the "Ice Seals" can be used hundreds of times. The hook-and-loop closure Rib Belt can be used to secure the "Ice Cap" to many parts of the body effectively, and can be used over and over. The "Ice Magic" Pain Kit is a must for any first aid kit and when used immediately after injury can reduce pain and speed healing of many serious and everyday injuries.

Contents of "Ice Magic" Pain Reduction Kit

  • Long-lasting, high-quality faultless 11" Ice Cap
  • Universal Rib Belt (fits waists from 26" to 48")
  • 24-page "Ice Magic" instructional Booklet
  • Patented, re-usable Ice Cubes
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
Nominally priced -- if items were purchased separately, they would cost more than $56.00. In kit form, it's only $44.00. Re-usable ice cubes ("Ice Seals") are as effective as real ice without the inconvenience.
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