"Ice Magic™" Booklet

"Ice Magic™" Booklet
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The "Ice Magic™" booklet describes the most exciting drugless pain relieving discovery in the last three decades, and just recently coming into popularity because it is so effective. This information booklet is a guide about how to conquer pain by using long term (cryotherapy) ice therapy. "Ice Magic™" was discovered by Dr. John W. Fiore, D.C. while doing tissue cooling experiments on his patients in 1964. He wrote this 24-page booklet about it. It is made brief so anyone can read it and apply ice therapy in 10 minutes. The author of "Ice Magic™" has ELIMINATED PAIN from simple BRUISES to victims of DEVASTATING BACK PAIN to be able to walk away PAINLESS within weeks, days, or even a few hours. Generally, the more intense the pain is, the more time is required to use "Ice Magic™" to provide welcome relief. The booklet has two sections. The first is a quick guide about how to use "Ice Magic™" immediately, with complete instructions to combat pain. Actually this section tells you everything you need to know to begin reducing pain with ice therapy. Section Two is a more detailed explanation of "Ice Magic™" and describes how and why it works so well, and is a reference to specific questions. This booklet is the foundation for the "Ice Magic™" Pain Reducing Kit, which includes all the supplies needed to reduce pain.
  • 24 pages of easy-to-read information.
  • Includes information gathered in 37 years of hands-on experience about using ice therapy.
  • "Ice Magic™" booklet can save thousands of dollars in medical expenses - see testamonial.
Dear Bodyline Just wanted you to know my experience with your product. With degenerative disk disease, 11 herniated discs, a metal plate in my neck and facing the prospect of yet another surgery, I had just about exhausted all options of returning to some degree of normalcy in my life. Mostly bedridden for the past 9 months, I ran across your ad for Ice Magic on line and after a call to you, decided to give it a try. Being on several different meds including morphine and darvocet for the pain and valium for muscle spasms, my days consisted mostly of sleep interrupted only by pain. The first time I tried Ice Magic, I slept through the night, a rare event for me. By the end of the first week of use, I walked to the end of our block. By the end of the second week, I completely stopped using morphine and could walk 2 times around our block. Yesterday I walked 2 miles and went to my daughter's school awards ceremony where she won highest academic award at their school for the fourth straight year. Without Ice Magic, which I purchased 4 short weeks ago, I would have missed my daughter's ceremony and probably would have opted for surgery again. Am I cured? No, there is simply too much damage to my spine, but whenever I need almost instant pain relief with no side effects, on goes the Ice Magic. It has allowed my to return to life in a way I did not think possible. I now use it for my restless knee syndrome as well as all my disk problems. It stops both dead in their tracks. Have any doubters? Feel free to send them to me. I am living proof of Ice Magic's truly effective relief. Thanks from my entire family. Sincerely Raymond Hoh - Galt, California
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