Stop Infections with Ice Therapy


There are literally hundreds of conditions of the body that cause inflammation and pain!  Many of these inflammations can become an infection when they are not treated promptly.

I am not speaking about viral infections that affect the entire bodily systems, such as colds, flu, or a weakness in the immune systems. I’m referring to specific areas of the body where a person may be injured or has a specific condition like sciatica, back pain, disc conditions, neuritis, bursitis, tendonitis, and even colitis, peritonitis, enteritis (which is Crohn’s disease), and cystitis. Some sprains, like ankle, knee, back shoulder and arm conditions can be subjected to infection if   treatment should be delayed.

Now you can absolutely stop the progress of infection in a simple, safe, low cost, procedure that is amazingly effective. This procedure can be done in the convenience of your own home. It is called Cold Therapy,or more specifically I call it Ice Magic, or Long Term CryoTherapy. And it can be done very comfortably without the initial shock of placing cold pack on your skin.

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