Low Back Support Cushions

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Back-Huggar® Lumbar Support CushionBack-Huggar® Lumbar Support CushionOur world class premium low back cushion support.  For your car or TV easy chair at home.  The longer your auto trip the better it feels.
Back-Huggar (extra wide)Back-Huggar (extra wide)For wider lower backs.  Perfect for bench auto seats, office chairs and home easy chairs.
Back-Huggar (secretary with strap)Back-Huggar (secretary with strap)Straps on secretary and computer type chairs
Lumbar/Cervical RollLumbar/Cervical RollUsed when back-lying to support low back and/or neck.  Helps to restore the natural neck and low back spinal curves.
Duo-ClineDuo-ClineA bed wedge that can be used on bed, or floor, in a sitting or lying position.
LB Decompression BenchLB Decompression BenchLow Back Decompression (traction) bench allows the patient to apply spinal disc traction.  User rachets up to the desired stretch to their comfort.  Then relaxes all the while their spine is being decompressed.  Easy height adjustment.

Back-HelperBack-HelperAn economy version of the Back-Huggar for excellent low back support.  Does not have a zipper closure in the back of cushion.  Plastic wrapped and comes in 3 colors only black, tan and blue.

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Bodyline invented Back-Huggar® in 1968. It has become so popular that there are many imitations appearing on the market. Insist on the original.