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Now there's no reason to ever be uncomfortable again while sitting on that cold metal chair, hard chair or flat bench. Sat-a-lite cushions the buttocks while evenly distributing your body weight, and eliminates uncomfortable compression that can cause pain and fatigue. Any place you want to sit comfortably is the place for Bodyline's Sat-a-lite. Use the handle to take it anywhere you go.
  • # Use in a car to raise your visual height while driving
  • Evenly distributes body weight, eliminating sitting fatigue
  • Contoured surface supports the natural shape of the buttocks
  • Wedge shape tilts pelvis properly, relieving stress from the low back
  • One-piece, soft, molded foam is covered in a washable, handsewn cover
  • Perfect on almost any hard, flat surface
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Bodyline invented Back-Huggar® in 1968. It has become so popular that there are many imitations appearing on the market. Insist on the original.