Economy Neck Stretcher

Economy Neck Stretcher
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Bodyline’s Economy Neck-Stretcher is an apparatus that provides graduated decompression.  Inflation is accomplished by air pressure.  It is made up of three bellows (three circular air cushions) that surround the neck with an air bulb pump that has a screw cap closure, and rubber air hose lines.    It is very light (it weighs only ¾ of a lb.) and is 100% portable.  This portability feature makes it very easy to use for the office or the home!


The unit can be used in a standing, sitting or even in a lying down position.  It is placed around the neck with the air bulb in the left hand and the three bellows open to the front so that there will be no pressure on the throat.  Next connect the two

“hook and loop” closures.  After closing the air bulb lock cap, inflate to the desired pressure of distraction to obtain a comfortable stretch for 5-10 minutes during first use.  The time can be gradually lengthened to 20-30 minutes after continual use.  The user should not experience any pain or discomfort whatsoever.  In fact, in some cases with chronic pain, as the air pressure is increased the user may experience pain relief immediately as the distraction takes place. 
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