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Back-Huggar® Lumbar Support CushionBack-Huggar® Lumbar Support CushionOur world class premium low back cushion support.  For your car or TV easy chair at home.  The longer your auto trip the better it feels.
Mesh Back-HelperMesh Back-HelperHas contoured curvature for back support.  Mesh strapping prevents moisture build-up when in use.  Comes with strap to fit on some chair backs.
Sat-A-LiteSat-A-LiteA contoured sitting cushion to make almost any chair more comfortable.  Velour cloth covered.
Travel PillowTravel PillowBodyline's luxurious valour fiberfilled travel pillow.  Travel pillow contours to the shape of your neck.  Use in auto or flying trips or even your TV easy chair for relaxing therapeutic comfort.

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Bodyline invented Back-Huggar® in 1968. It has become so popular that there are many imitations appearing on the market. Insist on the original.